VitalTalk stands in solidarity with Asian-American communities who are facing a rise in racist attacks and hate crimes. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian-Americans across the country have been wrongfully targeted as responsible for the virus by politicians, the media and certain members of the public. VitalTalk recognizes that in the healthcare sphere, discrimination and microaggressions are prevalent. We denounce this behavior and commit to creating a safe and inclusive work environment, as well throughout our training programs.

We ask all members of the VitalTalk community, and beyond, to preserve our values of compassion and care, and to provide empathy and support to our peers who are suffering at this time. We encourage everyone to deepen their knowledge through resources such as Seattle University’s Toolkit for Coping with Xenophobia and Anti-Asian Racism.

Reporting incidents helps people realize the scale of the problem. Here are two organizations to which you can turn for this:

Additional support can be shown by frequenting Asian-American community- based businesses and nonprofits, as well as expressing concern and love for anyone impacted by anti-Asian violence and hate. We are grateful to all who join us in this stance.

In solidarity,