With the generous support of the Cambia Health Foundation, and in partnership with the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), VitalTalk created three webinars for basic communication skills sets NURSE, REMAP and PAUSE. Each webinar features a demo and discussion between two VitalTalk Faculty about how they apply these communication skills in patient encounters, especially in the time of COVID. These webinars were created and filmed by VitalTalk Faculty; Mike Mendez, Tessie October, Katy Hyman and Linda Bulman.

Responding to Emotion During Difficult Conversations in the COVID Era

It is difficult for patients and families to process information when their emotion is high. By learning to effectively respond to the emotion you see, you can build patient trust and move conversations forward in a constructive way. In this video, Michael Mendez, MD, and Tessie October, MD, MPH, lead us through a structured talking map, which will help you respond to emotion during difficult conversations.

Goals of Care Conversations in the Time of COVID

In this video, Katy Hyman, MDiv, BCC, and Linda Bulman, PA-C, lead us through goals of care conversations, where new medical information needs to be conveyed and medical decisions made. Through REMAP, a structured talking map, you will learn research-backed communication techniques for delivering serious news, responding to emotion, mapping patient values, and making medical recommendations. The goal of this video is to help make your goals of care conversations more efficient and effective, while focusing on patient-based values.

Advance Care Planning in the Time of COVID

When we know a patient has a serious illness but are not at a point where immediate medical decisions need to occur, it can sometimes be difficult to initiate advance care planning discussions. Yet, we know these conversations can help ensure that a patient’s care trajectory matches their values.

In this video, Katy Hyman, MDiv, BCC, and Michael Mendez, MD, lead us through a talking map for advance care planning conversations, a structured approach that can help make these conversations a little easier.