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Thanks for your interest in working with VitalTalk! VitalTalk teaches communication skills courses to clinicians who work with patients facing serious illness. We hire actors to portray patients or family members of patients, allowing our course participants to practice communication skills in a simulated environment. 

If you are interested in being considered for hire to play one of our simulated patients, please enter the following information below. We will contact you if you are a match for one of our courses in your area.
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Actors for VitalTalk courses play the role of patients or their family members. We ask for the following information to best match you with the VitalTalk cases you may be able to play.

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Actor Roster
VitalTalk will now offer an Actor Roster to Faculty members in hopes of making the process of putting on a local course easier and more efficient by having access to a list of actors they can reach out to whom are already trained in the VitalTalk method. This roster will also open actors up to more opportunities for roles than VitalTalk itself can feasibly provide.

Note: Faculty run/local courses are not connected with VitalTalk National, and all details will be handled between the actor and the faculty member/their institution.