VitalTalk’s evidence-based methods equip clinicians to navigate the most difficult conversations with patients and provide value-based care.

99% of clinicians claim it is necessary to have difficult conversations with their patients but only 14% have them. Investing in VitalTalk empowers clinicians to be more confident to tackle these tough subjects.

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VitalTalk workshops train clinicians to communicate about values and goals, preparing them with constructive tools for creating care plans that match their patients’ values. When empowered with these communication skills, clinicians feel more resilient while patients have greater trust in them.

Founded by four respected leaders in the field of communication about serious illness, our adaptable programs boast a proven track record. Effective communication empirically results in fewer unnecessary treatments, more patient-centered care, and less suffering for patients and families.

VitalTalk offers customized, sustainable communication trainings for your system:

  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Direct clinician training
  • E-learning options
  • Mentoring solutions

Please note: we require at least six months to implement communication trainings at your institution.