VitalTalk Tips App

Now updated with the VitalTalk COVID-Ready Communication Playbook!

If you are a clinician who cares for patients with serious illness and their families,
you need communication superpowers. Having great communication skills makes a
difference—your patients will understand their medical situation better, and build
trust with you faster, and you’ll be able to guide them to medical decisions that
match their values.

Sharpen your skills

For this app, we’ve curated a special set of communication skill tips, focused on
the moments where clinicians most often get stuck.

  • Flip through the tips by topic (serious news, prognosis, family conferences, goals of care, and more)
  • Get a daily tip as a notification
  • Read the tip (it’ll take less than seconds) and try it out. Over time your inner communication ninja will emerge.

Join the movement

VitalTalk is non-profit, built on research, and aimed at social change. We want to
make it possible for every patient with serious illness to talk to a clinician who has
the skills needed to enable that patient to make decisions that match their values.
We’re changing the way clinicians talk to patients, one ninja at a time. Join us.