What’s missing from NEJM this week

The latest issue of NEJM contains a Medical Decision Making case involving a 70 year old woman dying of sepsis and ARDS in the ICU. But what’s missing is the communication skill critical to using substituted judgment–and something else altogether. For more on the communication skills you’ll need to run a family conference, check out the VitalTalk […]

Rapport Savings Account

Have you moved too quickly to make plans for the next steps after delivering serious news but the family or patient wasn’t ready? Dr. Caroline Hurd explains her framework of the Rapport Savings Account for how to think about the social capital needed to stay aligned with your patient throughout the process.

Learning from an Expert Guru

Anders Ericcson invented expertise research (think: deliberate practice)–and we’ve been following his work for years. Malcolm Gladwell mentioned his work (and the so-called 10,000 hour rule) in Blink; now Ericcson has written his own book, Peak: Secrets from the Science of Expertise. I sat down with him in Seattle–& he revealed a super-cool tip for Vitaltalkers! […]