Last week, Steve Berns (UVM) course directed our very first VMTC pilot. VitalTalk’s VMTC course consists of 3 live Zoom classes that last two hours and pre-work (online modules) that participants complete before each class. We trialed out this new format, and it went amazingly well!
We have our second pilot this week and another possible pilot coming in September.

The VMTC course could not have been developed as successfully and rapidly without the support and dedication of the following Faculty:

Stephen Berns
Jessica McFarlin
Stephanie Harman
Juan Iregui
Cardinale Smith
Andrew Lawton
Monique Schaulis 
Jane Schell
Gordon Wood
Maxwell Vergo
Jonathan Fischer
Wendy Anderson
Bonnie Chen
Katie Stowers
Caroline Hurd
Lynn O’Neill
Elise Carey
Michael Barnett
Amelia Cullinan
Kristen Chasteen