VitalTalk Launches New Course to Help Clinicians Navigate Caring for Seriously Ill Patients With Better Communication

Supporting healthcare professionals navigate serious illness conversations with ease

SEATTLE, WA – VitalTalk today announced the official launch of its newest course VitalTalk Mobile. VitalTalk Mobile is series of three short, mobile-friendly interactive modules that give clinicians the tools they need to navigate serious illness conversations with ease. For the experienced clinician wanting a review of key communication skills or for new learners looking for an introduction to better communication, this course is designed for healthcare professionals of any level who want to quickly improve their ability to communicate with their patients.

Using evidence-based curriculum and methodologies, VitalTalk has distilled 20 years of NIH-funded research to fit the way clinicians learn now. VitalTalk Mobile shows ideal patient conversations, common pitfalls and solutions to make the most of patient interactions. Participants then bring new skills from the course to their clinical practice.

Participants complete the course on their own time and in a few minutes per day, healthcare professionals will learn how to provide a clear and compassionate clinical status update to their patients; work with their patients to design treatment plans that match their unique goals and values; and learn how to identify their patients’ goals and values and use them to prepare patients and their families for the future.

VitalTalk Mobile costs $89, takes roughly 90 minutes to complete and is eligible for 3 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. The course is available for institutions with bulk pricing as well.


VitalTalk is a leader in providing serious illness communication skills training to healthcare professionals across the globe. Founded in 2012 by three academic doctors with extensive NIH research backing and educational experience, VitalTalk’s vision is that every seriously ill patient is surrounded by clinicians who can skillfully discuss what matters most and match care to values. VitalTalk provides clinicians with best-practice communication methodologies and tools, a rich community of support, and ongoing development to better serve the needs of seriously ill patients and their families.


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David Schwartz, Marketing Manager